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Veterinary practices can log into the website.

Once registered as a user, veterinary practices can log into this website to check avilability and to book ultrasound appointments. Radiographs can be uploaded for specialist reporting. 

On-line facilities for efficient pet care.

Some radiographs can be very challenging to interpret. Radiographs are easily uploaded though the website and a detailed x-ray report will be sent to the referring veterinary surgeon. This will include a description of the changes and an opinion as to possible causes.

Your veterinary surgeon can ask Andrew Denning to visit their practice so that your pet can have a specialist ultrasound examination in the familiar environment of their own practice and with the help of the staff that they already know. Most patients will be sedated so that they are relaxed and unconcerned. Hair is clipped from the abdomen to allow ultrasound probe contact with the skin. Ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates will be obtained of abnormal areas. This is a low risk procedure and usually diagnostic, but only a small sample is obtained so sometimes they are non-diagnostic or inaccurate. A written report will be sent to your veterinary surgeon so that they can discuss the ultrasound findings and ongoing management with you.